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BRAZILIAN BABES was founded by a woman who believes that esthetically maintaining  your bottom is  just as important as other body parts when your a BABE.


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Brazilian Babes Waxing Salon, founded in 2014 is an upscale Beauty Boutique owned and operated by licensed Esthetician LaShana "Monique" Bivens.


When starting Brazilian Babes Monique strived to create the perfect atmosphere for her Babes (customers), which consist of Men and Women from diverse backgrounds looking to receive skincare services that are equally beneficial and convenient.



All Estheticians at Brazilian Babes are licensed, with years of experience in the beauty industry ensuring they are able to execute all services implemented at the salon. Monique has personally trained all employees and equipped them with her special quality technique, to essentially provide services that are unparalleled to any other salon. At Brazilian Babes we pride ourselves in providing top notch CUSTOMER SERVICE and EDUCATING our clients on how to properly maintain their beauty and skincare regimes once leaving our salon. 



Brazilian Babes uses a luxury hard wax and a special technique that makes waxing much easier and healthier for your skin.  We offer a plethora of unique but necessary services such as Vagina Facials,  Vajazzling and so much more. The vibe and aesthetic at Brazilian Babes makes it a comfortable and approachable environment. We strive to give the best client service and accomplish the beauty services to the best of our ability. Take a look at our service page to find the service that best meets your needs. We hope to see you soon.



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